SUBSOM Summer School has been postponed

We have to report that we have to postpone our SUBSOM Summer School that was planned for September 2018. As soon as there will be a new date, you will find the accordant information here.

Location and topic will still be the same: “Process-based models, which are based on a theoretical understanding of relevant ecological processes, provide a useful framework to incorporate specific responses to altered environmental conditions” (Cuddington et al. 2013).

The SUBSOM Summer School is a joint initiative of the DFG funded SUBSOM research unit (FOR 1806) and the German Soil Science Society (DBG) and is geared towards students, PhDs, and professionals who are interested in expanding their knowledge on soil organic carbon processes corresponding data collection and modeling. The summer school is split into an introduction presenting experimental designs and analytical approaches (e.g. Cmic, CO2, 13C and 14C) required to provide reliable data required for process-based modeling and a training on process-based carbon-turnover models. 

As part of this summer school, invited experts will present up-to-date knowledge and practical knowledge. Additionally, the Ruhr-University Bochum will open their laboratories to those who are interested in analytical methods typically used to assess soil processes.