Picture Gallery

Biomass: bucket for collecting leaves that fall from the trees in autumn. Calculation of the "productivity" of the forest. Göttinger Wald, autumn 2017
Exudation: Measuring the exudation of beech roots on the Rüdershausen plot in the summer of 2017
Scanning of Minirhizotrons: Taking pictures for the evaluation of root growth and dying in the Göttinger Wald, autumn 2017
Growth tapes: Installed on the land to observe tree growth, autumn 2017
Preparation of the incubation of tertiary sand from 2 m depth. With ambient air, a pressure of 1300 mbar is set. CO2 production over 52 days in a closed vessel was measured.
10 m ram core drilling in loess by commissioned company. In addition, drilling was still carried out in the tertiary sand (forest area Hoher Hagen near Dransfeld), shell limestone (Göttinger Stadtwald) and red sandstone (forest area near Ebergötzen)
By means of cable core drilling in bedrock obtained shell limestone samples from 7 to 9 m depth in wooden boxes
Production of 170 l DO13C solution (